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summer postcard ???? day trip to werribee gorge, hiking + swimming ????

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  • 06-22

IG: @yennyseo

Hello! Here's an overdue vlog from a day in mid-January spent hiking and swimming at Werribee Gorge State Park. We did the 10km Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk and although we got a tad lost midway, had so much fun swimming in the waterholes and weaving our way through the rocky paths ????

Yenny x

♪ Carter Vail - Tigers on Trains -
♪ Dan and Drum - Mona Lisa -
♪ Pure Mids - Everything We Wanted -
♪ Gil Wanders - By The River -

#werribeegorgepark #werribeegorgecircuitwalk #visitvictoria

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